IT services are Technology functions that are offered with support and management. This allows customers to use Information Technology without managing complexities such as maintenance, security, scalability and resilience. IT services may be offered by internal teams or external partners. They typically offer a help desk for support and an SLA that defines the quality of the service.
The following are common examples of IT services.
System that Automate work such as a banking system that performs account reconciliation.
Software that is primarily intended to be used by people such as a Customer Relationship Management platform.
Data Visualization
Applications that visualize data for users.
Data Analysis
Software such as a data mining tool or statistics platform that is used to find meaning in data.
Knowledge Management
Software for controlling and sharing knowledge such as a document management platform.
Platforms for publishing information such as a blogging platform or content management tool.
Software for creating and publishing media such as a video publishing platform.
Communication tools such as chat, email, voice, messaging and telepresence.
Business Processes
Technologies for orchestrating and choreographing business processes such as a workflow engine.
End-user Devices
Management and support for a fleet of technology devices. For example, an IT service that manages all the computers and mobile devices assigned to employees at a firm.
Data Processing
Data processing including cloud computing platforms.
Data Storage
Data storage including files, application data and databases.
APIs offered as a managed service. For example, an API that provides market data to banks.
Information Security
Technologies to secure information technology environments. For example, a security platform that monitors for threats and automatically patches vulnerabilities.
Digital infrastructure such as mobile and wired networking.
Internet of Things
The concept of IT services may be extended to the management of physical things. For example, an aircraft engine manufacturer that monitors operating jet engines in real time as a service to airlines.